In the dynamic world of sports retail, creating an engaging store environment is key to attracting and retaining customers.

This is the story of how Decathlon, a leading sports equipment retailer, used logo projectors to revolutionize their store’s ambiance and innovating customer experience.

Decathlon has been a staple in the sports equipment industry since 1976, known for their extensive range of quality products. However, they wanted to elevate their in-store experience to match the energy and excitement of sports through technology.

In a market where customer experience can be as impactful as the products, thier goal was to enhance their store’s aesthetic appeal and make it more interactive and inviting for sports enthusiasts.

To achieve this effect, they’ve made use of logo projectors. Through the innovative use of the logo projectors, they accentuate the store’s sporty vibe and helped guide customers more effectively. You may have seen such setups implemented similarly in IKEA stores before.

Projector Logo used in Decathlon at TampinesProjector Logo used in Decathlon at TampinesProjector Logo used in Decathlon at TampinesProjector Logo used in Decathlon at Tampines

The addition of the logo projector brought a new level of excitement to the store. Sporting imagery projected throughout created an immersive shopping environment, making customers feel like they were part of the game.

This project illustrates the potential of logo projectors to not just illuminate, but invigorate retail spaces, particularly in the sports equipment sector. It’s more than lighting; it’s about creating an experience.

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