Projector Lamps

We provide projector lamp replacements of various brands.

Epson. Canon. BenQ. Philips. LG. Panasonic. IBM. Hitachi. Toshiba. Sony. Christie. Canon. Sanyo. Samsung. NEC. InFocus. Fujitsu. Barco. Sharp. Proxima.


Every projector lamp has a limited lifetime usage before it needs to be replaced. Signs that your projector has an ailing lamp are, flickering, dim projection or simply no image shows up. Contact our sales team today to get a quote or speak to them for technical help regarding projector lamps replacement.

Bigshine Singapore Pte Ltd has wide range of projector lamps

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Projector Lamp Replacement

Projector Lamp Replacement Singapore

Projector Lamps Replacement Brands

Projector Lamp Replacement Singapore


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