Mi 4k Laser Projector 150"

Ultra Short Throw , Giant Experience at Home

4K Resolution

Ultra High Definition

150" Giant

Large Projection Size

Ultra Short Throw

0.233:1 Throw Ratio

ADLP® 3.0

Theatre laser light source technology ①

Android TV 9.0

Google Play available

True Colour Representaion

3000:1 Contrast

Hi-Fi Audio

Inverted tube speaker, dual full frequency dual high frequency

Smart cooling

Real-time temperature control fan

This time, it's even better

4K resolution screen / 3000: 1 native contrast / ALPD ® 3.0 display technology / 100-inch huge screen

4K picture. A Visual sense feast

The screen resolution has reached an amazing 4K ② , without fear of the challenge of a hundred-inch giant screen format. Using Texas Instruments (TI)
custom DLP digital light processing technology, the picture performance is clearer and brighter, the details are rich and vivid, and the degree of reproduction is higher.

3000:1 Native Contrast Ratio

Up to 3000: 1 native contrast ③ , plus support for decoding HDR 10, better support exhibits a high dynamic range of the picture

ALPD ® 3.0 Display Technology. Precision Colour Reproduction

Adopting Guangfeng Optoelectronics’ new ALPD ® 3.0 laser fluorescent display technology, the proportion of red light is as high as 16-18% ④ ,
presenting the picture bright and clear before our eyes. Comply with the International Telecommunication Union Rec.709 standard,
wide color gamut distribution, richer colors and more realistic restoration.

With a 80-150″ picture, your home is your private theatre

Mi Laser Projection TV 4K can be directly placed in the TV cabinet to project up to 80-150 inches of super-large screen  , with a 100-inch anti-light curtain  , restore the wonderful nature. This time, redefine your home theatre concept.


Ultra Short Focal Lens Design

Adopting 0.233:1 large depth of field ultra-short focal lens design, breaking the inconvenience caused by traditional projection long-distance projection, it can be directly placed on the TV cabinet and used, the body only needs 24cm from the wall to project a 100-inch super-large picture ⑨ . No wiring troubles, no indoor space, bid farewell to screen occlusion.


Resolution 4K (3840×2160) Native
Light Source Technology ALPD (Advanced Laser Phosphor Display)
Brightness 1,300 lm (high brightness mode)
Screen Size 80’’~150’’
Throw Ratio 0.233:1
Internal Storage 16GB eMMC High-speed Flash Memory
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi(2.4G/5G)
Operating System Android TV 9.0
Power Input 100V~240V 50/60Hz
Port 2x HDMI 2.0
1x HDMI 2.0/ARC 
1x USB 2.0 
1x Audio Jack
1x AV input
1x Ethernet port
Weight 7.0kg
Size 410x291x88mm

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