A logo projector, also known as a gobo projector, is a specialized lighting device designed to project a specific image or design, typically a company’s logo, onto a surface like a wall, floor, or ceiling. It’s a modern tool used in advertising, branding, and event decoration.

The Mechanics of Logo Projectors

These projectors work by shining light through a gobo, a small stencil or slide made of steel or glass, which contains the desired image. When light passes through the gobo, it projects the image onto a surface, creating a visible, often dynamic, representation of the logo or design.

Simple llustration of how Logo Projectors work

Types of Logo Projectors

  • Static Projectors: These project a fixed image and are ideal for permanent or long-term displays.
  • Rotating Projectors: These add motion to the projection, making the image more eye-catching.
  • LED Projectors: Known for their energy efficiency and brightness, LED projectors are suitable for brightly lit environments.

Uses and Applications

Business Branding: Businesses use logo projectors to reinforce their brand identity in stores, offices, or at trade shows.

Event Highlighting: Perfect for personalizing events like weddings, birthdays, or corporate functions with custom images or messages.

Advertising: A creative way to draw attention to promotional content in retail environments or public spaces.

Logo Projector used at Gardens by the Bay

Advantages of Using Logo Projectors

  • Customizable: Gobos can be easily designed and manufactured, allowing for quick updates or changes in the projected image.
  • Versatile: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, adapting to various environments and surfaces.
  • Cost-Effective: Offers a high-impact branding solution at a relatively low cost compared to other marketing methods.

Choosing the Right Logo Projector

When selecting a logo projector, consider factors like the projector’s brightness, the size and type of the gobo, the intended use (indoor or outdoor), and the overall quality of the equipment.


Logo projectors are an innovative and effective way to enhance brand visibility and add a creative touch to various events. With their ability to customize and project dynamic images, they offer businesses and event planners a unique tool for making a visual statement.

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