Cyber Series 

Inspired by history but continuously evolving

Inspired by Renaissance Era Architecture

The Cyber Series screens were first launched in 2007. Drawing cues and elements from the Renaissance Era’s architecture, the casing boasted a beautiful streamlined aluminium body design.

Evolving from the dated design where mounting brackets were always at fixed points, the Cyber Series also featured and innovative floating bracket installation system.

Over the years, the Grandview Cyber Series has achieved overwhelming success and gained reputation as a favourite with its inspired design, functionality and dependability.

Innovative Installation

The Cyber Series Projector Screens comes with an innovative mounting system. Coined as the “Floating L bracket” installation system, it allows for quick, easy and flexible installations.

Floating L Bracket

Ceiling Installation

Wall Installation

Excellent Quality Fabric

Reflective Surface

Technologicailly infused PVC microsdots to produce and reflect optimal images

PVC Front and Back Layers

White and black, anti-static and odorless PVC layers supporting the main structure

Fibre Glass Structure

Core structure made of top grade fibreglass with anti-oxidation and non-stretchable properties

Cyber SeriesMotorised
Cyber Series Integrated Motorised Screen
Tubular Motor

The tubular motor design allows for greater strength and control for the retracting mechanism. Built for minimal noise (≤45dB), smooth operations and long lasting durability

Ultra Light, Robust Full Aluminium Casing

Exclusive aluminium casing extruded by a precision computer mould is lightweight and does not distort or deform after prolonged use

Extended Top-Black Masking

Better flexibility to adjust the screen position to the desired viewing height. Four-sided black masking is applied to prevent fabric from curling towards the inside of the screen.
New black masking paint that absorbs the glare of the over-scanned image and prevents reflective that interferes with the screen to reduce eye fatigue and increase image contrast.

Large Diameter Tube

By adopting a specially designed large diameter tube, the screen fabric is better maintained whiled rolled up. U-shaped wave in the center of the screen are minimised.


Available in the following sizes. Click for full details

Aspect Ratio Diagonal
Viewing Area W
Viewing Area H
Overall Height A
Overall Length L
Black Masking B3
L&R Masking B1
Net Weight
1:1 100 1780 1780 2029 1976 80 23 11.5 B
120 2030 2030 2279 2280 80 50 13.2 B
135 2340 2340 2589 2584 80 47 15.5 B
16:9 100 2214 1245 1948 2464 550 50 16.5 B
120 2656 1494 2047 2906 400 50 19 A
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Fabric Specifications
  • 1.0
  • 160
  • 99%
  • M1
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • -20º ~ 60ºC